Paving and Flagging

We can provide you with professional advice on the best type of pavers to use, give you design ideas for the most attractive finish, and provide competitive pricing on all types of paving, poolside paving and pool coping, including expert stone paving using stunning natural stone such as Travertine or Granite.

Travertine & Granite Patio

We are proud of our local reputation for expert, high quality paving using a wide variety of materials, including many types of natural stone paving.

We have built this reputation through our workmanship, meticulous attention to detail, and our uncompromising approach to ensuring that your paving will be strong, durable, and will look as good as new for many, many years to come.

We achieve this by refusing to cut corners and ensuring that our techniques and materials are, simply,the best. We have honed our expert paving techniques over the last 25 years, and guarantee you the best work around.

Paved Stairs

We don’t believe in slapping down a quick, cheap paving job which will need to be lifted and re-done in a few years when it starts to crack, buckle and lift, and will only cost you more over time.

We believe that investing in proper paving, done right the first time, will save you money long-term and give you much more enjoyment and satisfaction over the years when it stands the test of time.

Our work speaks for itself, including projects that were completed many years ago which still look great.

Expert Paving

Contact us now to discuss your paving ideas and get a competitive price for a quality job you will be happy with for years to come.