Retaining Walls

We are experts at all types of Retaining Wall construction both over and under 1m height, to building industry standards.

We know exactly how to design and construct Retaining Walls to the highest quality standard and maximise durability and strength while looking good at the same time, and making sure that drainage solutions are taken care of too. For large-scale constructions we take expert care of all the excavation, precision levels, footings, formwork, and reinforcing steel fixing.

We can construct your Retaining Wall from a wide variety of materials such as:

Bricks – rendered or bagged, or clad with natural stone

Brick and Meadow Stone Multi-Level Retaining Walls (with Garden Beds and Pathway)

2-level Brick Retaining Wall under construction

Retaining Wall Construction

Brick and Meadowstone Retaining Walls

Granite StackStone Cladding

(Our Future Apprentices Checking out Dad’s Work in Progress)

Brick Multi-Level Retaining Walls (works in progress)

Blocks – including the very popular MeadowStone and Wallstone, or concrete

MeadowStone Retaining Wall and Stairs

Retaining Wall (Wallstone)

Timber Sleepers – with either timber or steel H beam posts

H Beam Timber Sleeper Retaining Wall

H Beam Timber Retaining Wall and Paved Stairs

Natural Stone Blocks – block sandstone, granite, or even bush rock boulders


Small Garden Bed Retainment - Natural Bush Rock

We can also give your existing retaining walls a facelift by cladding them in StackStone or natural stone, adding or replacing stairs, and more.

Wall Cladding (in progress)

Stackstone Wall Cladding

Timber Sleeper Stairs with Paved Treads

Whatever your retaining wall needs, give us a call, we can help you!